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Where ITAV and my Parenting Meet – Guest Blogger Tania



I’d like to introduce my first ever guest blogger. (Cheers and applause as the crowd goes wild!!) Tania generously offered her time and thoughts on It Takes a Village and what it means to her.

When I first spoke to Tania about ITAV it was after the 2015 Brisbane Pride Rally and March. Tania and her daughter came along with us and other friends. After the Rally and March I thanked Tania for coming along as a supporter and ally. She seemed surprised by me thanking her and her immediate response was “It’s my job”.  This started us on a conversation about how important it is to her to be a role model for her children so they don’t contribute in any way to the hurt experienced by people, especially children.

Tania describes herself as a Kiwi, living in Australia since 2013, forty something, soon to be divorced, mum of two (by two different dads) and earthquake survivor; who couldn’t care less about race, religion, sexuality or gender, she just cares if you are a cool person….

With that said I have nothing to add except for commenting on her brilliant ability to take a selfie! Tania’s post really speaks for itself. So over to her.



For my contribution to ITAV I wanted to talk about privilege and what that means to me.


Let me start by saying, that I have the privilege of being straight

No one has ever told me that there is something wrong with my sexuality

No one has ever told me that being straight is “just a phase”, or a “lifestyle choice”

No one has ever stopped my children hanging out with their friends because I am straight

I didn’t grow up feeling confused or ashamed, with no one to talk to about being straight

I didn’t grow up feeling like I didn’t fit in, or that I didn’t have the support and understanding of my family

My family and friends have never distanced themselves, or worse, removed themselves from my life because I am straight

No one has ever told me that I don’t have the right to marry who I love

I have never been without legal rights in a relationship

I have never been made to feel less than, devalued, judged, marginalised, made fun of, or discriminated against because I am straight.  That is a privilege I do not take for granted.


This is why It Takes a Village is so important.

My job as a parent to ensure that my children go out into this big world never perpetuating any stereotypes, or judgements against anyone

My job as a parent is to lead by example and raise children who are open, understanding, accepting and inclusive

My job as a parent is to teach my children that sexuality, gender, race, religious beliefs, family situation, doesn’t make a person better/different/less/more, than anybody else

My job as a parent is to teach my children to value diversity in all forms


My children know, value and respect – Love Is Love

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