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About Us

Hi, I am Adele and my partner Monique and I have been together for 17 years and have two children. We became a family together and each of us had the absolute privilege to be the biological mother of one child. Becoming parents over ten years ago and trying for two years before that we have been right in what could only be considered the rise of the gayby boom in Australia. We’ve had fun times and some not so fun times; just like every parent. While our journey is most likely different to people in a heterosexual relationship we are here to show those differences are not bad news.

My passion is to reduce mental health issues and family disconnect for the LGBTIQ community. I intend to do this through support, education and awareness with pre-teens and their families. I look forward to helping people.

I love to talk, write and discuss current topics that impact on the LGBTIQ community and their loved ones. Feel free to head over to my blog to see some of my latest posts. I am an independent writer published in Queensland Pride magazine and LOTL magazine. I have an opinion on most topics and I have trouble keeping that opinion to myself. Luckily that is the way I like it and I am fortunate to find people who like to talk! I enjoy sharing my thoughts and I am inspired by people who are authentic, honest and demonstrate integrity in all that they do. I am comfortable challenging assumptions, challenging my thinking and pointing out the absurdity that surrounds us in many areas of life. I would like to thank you for visiting my site and I appreciate you taking the time to read and hopefully comment. I genuinely look forward to getting to know more people who would like to interact with me.