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Actions or words? Both matter right now! Part 1 – conversation.

start-conversationA few weeks ago Monique and I agreed to be interviewed by a journalist about homophobia.   Recent research indicates homophobia is experienced in outer metropolitan areas similarly to that experienced in regional and remote communities.  Sadly the research didn’t surprise me and as the article states I believe we need to have open and sometimes difficult conversations to remove homophobia and achieve equality.  Link to article

With IDAHOT day being in May, the recent Marriage Equality referendum in Ireland, the consideration of marriage equality by the US Supreme Court and the Bill being put forward in the Australian Federal Parliament earlier this week there is a lot of conversation going on about equality, homophobia and marriage equality.  I have read so much from both sides of the debate and something has become crystal clear to me.  Preaching to the converted is all well and good but how will we bring about change?  Each side of the equality discussion generally communicate within and to a group which is already in agreement with them or alternatively when the two sides collide, despite the best intentions of many, it seems that the discourse quickly falls into disarray with a mix of name calling and grandstanding.  I firmly believe we have to cross the divide from both sides of this discussion and commit to listening to each other.  I am optimistic that this can occur and I will continue to put my voice where ever I can to achieve this.

Truly hearing each other can and will make such a difference.  I encourage anyone, whether or not you support LGBTIQ equality, marriage equality and the recognition and removal of homophobia, to share your comments here on my blog and I look forward to starting an open conversation with you.  Alternatively the Wear A Rainbow Ribbon Everyday Page which I am part of on Facebook is talking about homophobic language over this weekend.  Why not come and join in the conversation.  #WaRRe




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