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Actions or words? Both matter right now! Part 2 – actions. 9 easy steps you can take.



I often wonder what drives people to action?  For me action seems to come naturally – I can’t help but act, however I’m sure I don’t act on topics that do not impact on me personally.  Logically it seems to me that if it is important enough to a person they will act; so what about topics that aren’t necessarily personally important?  I’m talking about topics which may not impact you personally yet they are topics important to friends and/or family members of yours?

I’d like to understand what would make a change?  I’d love your thoughts and ideas in the comments.  Do you have concerns putting your name to action publicly?  Would anonymous be something you would be more likely to do?  Do you think that someone else will do it so you don’t need to?  Is it apathy?

The rest of this post will be about ideas on how you can help in the area of LGBTIQ support and Marriage Equality through action right now in Australia.  The Australian Christian Lobby is able to raise significant funds quickly and gain major support – if you support Marriage Equality we really need your help.

This is an e-petition currently underway which will go to the Brisbane City Council.  Don’t tune out there.  Even if you are not in the BCC area you can still add your name to the petition.  1.  This petition has been circulated to thousands of people yet there are only 66 signatures at the time I am writing this blog.  The petition is about creating an LGBTIQ advisory committee with the BCC.  A number of councils already have these and it is a great way to encourage councils to engage with members of the LGBTIQ community.  Please consider signing this petition.

2.  The Australian Marriage Equality have many options for you to be involved in.  You can sign up to their newsletters and join them here.

3.  Sign their pledge to support Marriage Equality when you first go to the Marriage Equality site.  here.

4.  Learn where your MP stands on the topic of Marriage Equality here.  This gives you the option to enter your postcode and contact your MP with your thoughts.

5.  Are you ready to be an advocate?  There is a free workshop available to you on the 21st June.  Here.

6.  Not feel like putting your name out there?  How about seeing what you can ‘like’, ‘follow’ or respond to on social media.  Here are a few sites to consider.

Australian Marriage Equality


My Writings

Rainbow Families


7.  Write letters to the editor showing your support for Marriage Equality

8.  Add your favourite links in the comments of this blog.  Just taking the time to like posts from the linked pages and your friends makes a huge difference in showing your support.

9.  Equality calling.  Make a quick and easy call to your MP




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