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Why Do Adults Bully in the LGBTIQ community

Why Do Adults Bully in the LGBTIQ community

I’ve had recent reason to reflect on bullying in the LGBTIQ community.  I am curious about why there appears to be an abundance of bullying between members of the community.  As a group I would have thought we would wish to uphold each other and promote connection.  Instead of tearing each other apart with bitchy and judgemental behaviour.  I am not suggesting that all LGBTIQ people are bullies however personal reports describe a reasonably significant level.  Particularly through social media and in the ‘gay’ venues.  I don’t go to clubs so I have no personal experience there but have heard others descriptions.  I have seen plenty of bullying on social media and in person.  Is it any higher than the straight community?  I don’t know and really does that matter?

Is being a bully something that some LGBTIQ people use as a defense weapon because we are conditioned to think that those around us are predominantly against us?  Have we backed ourselves so far into a corner ‘fighting’ for rights and recognition that we cannot respond to a reasonable situation?  Do we find ourselves angry and judging of each other? Is it because after being the subject of bullying the bullied becomes the bully?  I think in some cases each of these are at play.  Regardless of the why it is another cause of trauma in the LGBTIQ community.  I don’t want to downplay bullying and it’s damage.  However not everything is bullying and I think we need to try and learn the difference.

Current evidence points towards a favourable move in support of the LGBTIQ community and perhaps we should reflect on this more.  Take heart that straight community is shifting and so can our response shift toward each other.  This  Longitudinal Study shows how attitudes have changed dramatically in the US since 1973 with a further rapid rise in support in recent years.  The community in general is positively accepting of LGBTIQ people and our lives.  We are at less risk of attack from the general person (far right wing extremists excluded here).  However do we have some work to do in our own community when it comes to bullying, tolerance and generally getting along with each other?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experience?



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