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6 Differences if Marriage Equality existed in Australia in the year 2000?

6 Differences if Marriage Equality existed in Australia in the year 2000?

We may get Marriage Equality in 2016, 2017 or later in Australia. However what would be different if we had marriage equality back in 2000; the year Monique and I had our Commitment Ceremony?
1. We would be celebrating 16 years of marriage this year.
2. We would automatically be considered Next of Kin for…Continue Reading

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“Children, There is No Such Thing as Other Peoples”

“Children, There is No Such Thing as Other Peoples”


I saw a sentence yesterday that has stuck with me.  “There is No Such Thing as Other People’s Children”  Since then these words have been coming to my mind.  These words resonate deeply and I like them.  “No such thing as other people’s children” means to me that it is incumbent on all of us…Continue Reading

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How to educate and support youth on LGBTIQ topics without alienating parents?

How to educate and support youth on LGBTIQ topics without alienating parents?



It continues to become more difficult to provide sensitive and age appropriate education and support to LGBTIQ youth and their peers within the school environment.  The reason for this is the mere suggestion of this education alienates a significant number of parents and interested community members. It causes an unnecessary hysteria.  A post I read…Continue Reading

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The world of depression and anxiety as I have experienced

meMay 1998

I went to work one day and didn’t go back for over 3 months.

23 April 2016

I came home from work nearly 6 weeks ago and I haven’t been back.

I have been in a stable relationship with my partner for 18 years and we have two…Continue Reading

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There are three sides to every story

Thanks to my lovely friend Liz for bringing the old post to my attention yesterday.  It’s from an old blog site of mine and I don’t think it is on this site so I thought I’d share it again.

10 things that you might want to ask same-sex parents?

Do you…Continue Reading
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LGBTIQ children safety – Safe School Coalition


The Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has launched an investigation into the Safe School Coalition program.  The Safe School Coalition is aimed at providing a safe and inclusive school environment free from homophobic and transphobic bullying.

I have watched as the increasing coverage in the…Continue Reading

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Where ITAV and my Parenting Meet – Guest Blogger Tania



I’d like to introduce my first ever guest blogger. (Cheers and applause as the crowd goes wild!!) Tania generously offered her time and thoughts on It Takes a Village and what it means to her.

When I first spoke to Tania about ITAV it was…Continue Reading

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It starts – 5 Tips on a plebiscite in Australia



I’ve been watching and waiting for the division to occur about the proposed plebiscite by our current PM Malcolm Turnbull.  Originally proposed by Tony Abbott when he was Prime Minister it seems to be an agreement that Mr Turnbull has now agreed to run…Continue Reading

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How important are our pre-teens and tweens?

I want to tell you what I have realised.  I’ve realised that our pre-teens, tweens and their parents have little information to help them when it comes to being LGBTIQ+ and this is impacting on the mental health of adults.  This is not due to a lack of desire to help by all the wonderful…Continue Reading

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What’s in a Word; how to make communication a little easier?

“Because even the smallest of words can be the ones to hurt you, or save you.” – Natsuki Takaya

This quote says a lot more than its mere 16 words. It truly can be as simple as one word spoken by a person to you that can be completely benign or even funny, the same word…Continue Reading

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