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Ban a story book about love?


King and king


Today is IDAHOT day.  The International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia and while I was reading the news I came across an article about hundreds of angry parents confronting a school because a teacher read a book to young students.  While this occurred in…Continue Reading

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Mother’s Day in a house with two mums.

Two-Mamas2-e1336510777888Did you know the largest group of countries around the world celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend the second Sunday of May?  So that means there are hundreds of lesbian mothers celebrating!  Yes, shock horror, in many countries without marriage equality children are part of families where…Continue Reading

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45 Years of Love



There is a couple I know, it has been through wonderful fate and chance I had the utter pleasure of meeting them on social media, this couple are celebrating 45 years together.  I have no idea what these men have experienced in their lives but I’ve…Continue Reading

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Questions, questions and easy answers

My heart was happy yesterday due to an experience that showed how easily children ‘get’ same sex relationships and families with 2 mums or 2 dads.  A beautiful young girl, the child of a friend drew us a lovely picture of Monique and I.  She beautifully hid near her mother trying secretly to ask her…Continue Reading

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Will You Wear a Rainbow Ribbon Everyday?




In December I joined an event on Facebook.  The link to the event is above.  I could explain more about the event however I think the person who started it says it best so I have…Continue Reading

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What are your top three aims for 2015?

2015 Happy New Year Strands Line Glow Dark Background


I’m reflecting this 2014 New Year’s Eve as I am here with my wonderful partner Monique and our two children just relaxing.  It’s true that the years’ tend to rush by quicker the older you get; weren’t we…Continue Reading

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5 Ways to introduce the idea of LGBTI people to your kids

Have you had a question from your children about people who are gay?  How have you answered it?  Have your children met kids with same-sex parents, asked you about the term lesbian/gay or asked why someone in their family doesn’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend?  Have these questions left you looking for what and how…Continue Reading

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Disown your children – great advice!


This man from Grace Community Church has some advice for parents who have a son who has recently come out.  Alienate them, separate from them and don’t have a meal with them. What parent would take this advice?

“If they profess…Continue Reading

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Tony Abbott, Orlando Burcham and The Marriage Act 1961



A wonderful young man, Orlando Burcham 11 y/o, has recently written to Prime Minister Tony Abbott expressing his concerns about the current government position on Marriage Equality.  Read Orlando’s great letter here and the response from our Prime Minister.


Orlando’s letter…Continue Reading

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6 of the best questions to answer!

A friend of mine shared this video by Wayne Goss, the make up artist, with me.  I loved it and decided to take the questions from it and answer them myself.  In some areas I agree with the guy in the video and others not so much.  I’d love others to answer these questions also.

Continue Reading

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