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Nature, nurture or neither?

Over the years I have spent a lot of time discussing with people the importance of proving that being gay was not a choice and that looking for the genetic ’cause’ was key…Continue Reading

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Our Commitment Ceremony

One evening in 1999 Monique and I were sitting outside near our pool and she proposed to me.  Including being on bended knee.  So very traditional.  What did this mean?  It meant we chose to…Continue Reading

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Why the Special Occasions and Celebrations? Part 2

We’ve already talked about some of the special dates and celebrations that are shared by part of the LGBTI community.  I think now is a good time to bring up the fact that like any…Continue Reading

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Introduction taking shape

My introduction is starting to take shape, all comments welcome.

  1. Introduction

I feel I hardly need to explain what prompted this book. I’ll share with you though in case you are wondering what the reasons were specifically for me. I consider that we were somewhere at the forefront of the gayby boom in Australia and even more…Continue Reading

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Introduction nearly complete and new chapter list

Slowly I am moving ahead with the book.  No comments yet on my blog so far but please feel free to read and comment.

More chapters have been added and the introduction is nearly written.

Here is the new list of chapters

  1. Introduction
  2. Family Structures
  3. Conception and Pregnancy
  4. Birth
  5. Families and Friends
  6. A child, two or more
  7. Day Care and School
  8. Special Occasions and Celebrations
  9. Those…Continue Reading
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More ground work for my book

  • Who is my target audience?  My target audience are lesbian parents, lesbian parents to be, grandparents, other members of the LGBTI community and I hope they’ll even be parts for teachers, carers, straight people trying to understand, kids of lesbian parents, care givers and the list goes on.  It seems I may need to sharpen…Continue Reading
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