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5 Ways to introduce the idea of LGBTI people to your kids

Have you had a question from your children about people who are gay?  How have you answered it?  Have your children met kids with same-sex parents, asked you about the term lesbian/gay or asked why someone in their family doesn’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend?  Have these questions left you looking for what and how…Continue Reading

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6 of the best questions to answer!

A friend of mine shared this video by Wayne Goss, the make up artist, with me.  I loved it and decided to take the questions from it and answer them myself.  In some areas I agree with the guy in the video and others not so much.  I’d love others to answer these questions also.

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I don’t introduce myself as heterosexual….so why talk about being gay?

In response to my questions yesterday a friend of mine messaged me last night and here it what she said.  “But it’s not a big deal to us. Eg. I don’t walk up…Continue Reading

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10 things you might want to ask same-sex parents.

Do you have a list of questions?  If you felt no shame, embarrassment or hesitation in asking questions of same-sex parents what would they be?  Add them to the comment section.  Don’t be shy.As a same-sex parent here are the questions that I think people may like to ask; well to be…Continue Reading
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5 Specific questions for you – yes you!

A couple of weeks ago I did a post that was about 10 questions for families with LGBTI parents.  I really appreciated everyone’s input.  This time I would like to ask you questions…Continue Reading

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