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Change your language!


I have a request for you, anyone who is reading this, please stop using the phrases “Gay Marriage” or “Same-sex Marriage”.  Around the world Marriage Equality is occurring.  I am not asking for Gay Marriage or Same-sex Marriage; we are not asking for a different definition…Continue Reading

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The Irish Have It


Along with thousands of others across the world I want to share my thoughts and feelings on the referendum for marriage equality in Ireland over the weekend and what it means to Australia.  I am ecstatic with such an amazingly positive outcome in favour of marriage…Continue Reading

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Ban a story book about love?


King and king


Today is IDAHOT day.  The International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia and while I was reading the news I came across an article about hundreds of angry parents confronting a school because a teacher read a book to young students.  While this occurred in…Continue Reading

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45 Years of Love



There is a couple I know, it has been through wonderful fate and chance I had the utter pleasure of meeting them on social media, this couple are celebrating 45 years together.  I have no idea what these men have experienced in their lives but I’ve…Continue Reading

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Why do I want you to speak up? Will you?

For those of us who put significant energy into fighting what we consider to be the good fight and repeatedly attempting to raise awareness around LGBTI rights, discrimination, laws and hurt it often appears that our voices go unheard.  I often wonder why – is it perception or reality? If you don’t share your opinion…Continue Reading

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Will You Wear a Rainbow Ribbon Everyday?




In December I joined an event on Facebook.  The link to the event is above.  I could explain more about the event however I think the person who started it says it best so I have…Continue Reading

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Peter Dowling, Australian Christian Lobby and LNP



PeterDowling – media release


The links in this post include a media release from 2013 when Peter Dowling’s indiscretions were first revealed and an article I wrote in 2012 about the ACL event.

As a resident of the Redlands I’ve known of Peter…Continue Reading

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Australia’s 10th Anniversary of Discrimination

This week marks an unfortunate anniversary representing discrimination in Australia.  On August 13 it will be 10 years since the Marriage Amendment Act 2004 occurred.  The amendment to the act reads as follows;

“to: define marriage as a union of a man and a woman; and…Continue Reading

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Chemical castration for being gay!


What a terrible story!  Those who have gone before us went through so much both personally or in the fight to give us the freedoms we have today.  We owe it to future generations to continue the fight for global equality.  In…Continue Reading

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June 24 1973 was the worst mass killing of gay people in US history


It’s a date that is barely remembered or acknowledged.  The New Orleans UpStairs Lounge was a place of safety for many people and on that fateful Sunday afternoon in a terrible arson attack it burned and took the lives of 32 people.  The UpStairs Lounge was…Continue Reading

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