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Dear Diary Our Wedding

Dear Diary Our Wedding

Hello!  For my own selfish purposes I started a diary 7 days before our wedding to live the experience through words.  It’s now over 7 days since our wedding and I wanted to share it with our family and friends.  Love A

Day 7 and counting

The Decision

Well, if you are going to elope you don’t want to make the decision too early!  So 5 weeks ago we made the decision to get married in New Zealand during our upcoming trip.  Prior to this spur of the moment decision we had always had our serious Marriage Equality badges on and were steadfast that we would wait for Marriage Equality in Australia.

We’ve started to age and watching how Marriage Equality is playing out in Australia we decided not to be heading down the aisle with walking frames.  Why not take advantage of being in a country with Marriage Equality and get married.  Marriage Equality is a political hot potato in Australia and it’s going no where fast.

Was there a proposal?  Well yes to be honest a proposal of sorts, 17 years ago.  It’s not like we haven’t had time to think about it and we both agree we want to be married.  A long engagement it was to be.  We did have a Commitment Ceremony in 2000.  We exchanged rings and had a ceremony as similar to a legal wedding as we possibly could have.  A church minister and all which is somewhat ironic now we are atheists.  In all the years since that night we have both agreed while it was a special event and fantastic party it has never felt truly like we were married.  Fairly obvious statement there because we’re not married.  Over the years we stopped wearing our rings; they meant very little.  It felt like a charade to us to be wearing them.  I even declared I would never wear my wedding band again until we could marry in Australia.  Well that tantrum is now over too.

Day 6 and counting

To Organise an International Wedding

In a registry office it’s not too hard at all.  Cut out the guests, seating plans, celebrant, bridal party and reception and the process is simple.  Quick contact to friends who have been there done that.  Search the website, fill in the forms, arrange the time, pay the money and we’re done.  Well let’s hope we’re done.  I guess we will know in 6 days if everything that needed to be done was done.  OK so there was a little more to do.  Ask our friends to be our witnesses and photographer.  Rings have been professionally cleaned and yes resized for someone *blush*.  They look beautiful and brand new.  Clothes was the next to organise.  When you have friends being married 2 days later the outfits are decided.  Wear what we are wearing to the next wedding.  Bouquets are next.  I wanted a bouquet and so did Baeleigh – you can cut lots out of a wedding but the bouquets were a no go zone; they were a must!  We found a lovely florist to do the flowers for us which will be delivered to our hotel.  This may not mean very much but we are in a city we don’t know and we have no idea where we are going.  We’ll be lucky to find the registry office I figure at this stage.  Finally a ring box for Caden to carry that says “You will forever be my always”.  He was desperate to be the ring bearer.  As my late grandmother Muggar would say “Well that’s done!”.

Day 5 and counting

Who do you tell about an elopement?  I think the general rules are no one or very few.  We thought we owed a few people a heads up; parents, siblings and close friends.  They all see somewhat attached to us and while we knew they would be excited for us they would also be disappointed not to be with us.  Well that was our opinion on the situation as you will see below most people became focused on a party when we returned.  There were discussions about could we skype the ceremony and will there be a party when we get home.  Seriously most people were focused on the party!  I still have no answer for those who wish to know.

The telling was fun and everyone was very excited and some a little shocked.  There were rules if you knew about it.  First rule of Elopement Club you do not talk about Elopement Club with the exception of those in the know.  No Facebook references until we post on the day!  I love Facebook and I love the fact that we will use it to announce to our friends and family that we have eloped.

Day 4 and counting

It’s eerily calm to be honest but there is a feeling of excitement in the air.  4 days and we will be married – really married.  How long have we waited for this?  Despite the fact that our marriage will not be recognised by Australian Law WE WILL BE MARRIED!  We will be Mrs and Mrs!

Day 3 and counting

Our wedding clothes are now hanging around the house ready to be packed!  Things are definitely getting real here!  We picked up Bae’s beautiful dress yesterday all altered to fit her.  It is a gorgeous dress direct from Paris for her to wear to Donna and Gary’s wedding on Wednesday but it’s getting an earlier wearing on Monday.  We ordered Caden a vest which was coming from the UK. We had waited patiently all week saying it will come today and we got to Friday the last possible day for it to arrive and no courier arrived.  We were heartbroken and then the postman arrived and popped it into the mail box.  What a relief!

Day 2 and counting

Final preparations are being done to leave for New Zealand tomorrow morning.  That seems such a bizarre statement to make.  We land tomorrow afternoon and get married 20 hours later!  That will be a busy 20 hours and we must find sleep in there.

Day 1 and counting

Here we go off to New Zealand!

Our Wedding Day

It’s here and we couldn’t be more excited and the kids are thrilled.  I can’t believe it is here.  Catch you after the ceremony.

Our Wedding Day (after the fact)

It was a fantastic day.  Just beautiful.  After getting ready, off we went in a taxi to the Department of Internal Affairs.  Donna and Gary were there before us and it was amazing when we walked around the corner and saw them.  Despite being in a government building the ceremony was lovely, just lovely.  The lady who officiated it could not have been nicer and more gracious in her delivery of the service and our vows.  It was private in a room and the kids loved it.

We gathered our certificate and headed back to where we were staying briefly to be greeted by a bottle of champagne from my sister and brother-in-law.  A quick toast between Donna, Gary and us before we headed out to a celebratory lunch.

A week or so later

It feels so much different to our commitment ceremony; we are truly married.  From here on in Mrs & Mrs.


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