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IDAHOT 2016 – Is there hope?

IDAHOT 2016 – Is there hope?

I try to always write a blog for IDAHOT day and today is no different.  IDAHOT day has a special place in my heart because it actually brings to me some wonderful memories.  4 years ago armed with our “No Homophobia at Work” stickers three of us banded together and shared our message.  Through many departments without pressure we asked if anyone wanted a sticker.  We even put stickers in random holders around the corridors for people who may be less inclined to take a sticker from someone.  The uptake was massive and I don’t recall a person saying no.

Fast forward 4 years and today I read some truly awful comments on Facebook about IDAHOT day based on the simple show of support from councils, Queensland Police Force, Queensland Ambulance Service and other public services were flying the Rainbow flag for IDAHOT day.  I am always in a quandary about comments such as these being aired.  My initial response is they should not occur; we should be a more evolved society.  The mere existence of this type of commentary should be unacceptable in general public, however this is not the case.

Then I move to a different thought and that is, in the absence of the existence still being tolerated by more people than would be ideally show that as a society we do not tolerate homophobia and transphobia, perhaps it is better these comments are aired publicly to promote conversation.   Is it possible that any of the people writing these comments are truly open to connection and communication?  Is it possible that any of the people writing these comments would want to try and find a middle ground, a common understanding or a respect for each other?  Is that a pipe dream or a real possibility?

There has to be a possibility and I trust building community can make that difference.  Let me take you back to that 4 years ago, in a large, highly diversified workplace there was overwhelming support for the concept of no homophobia.  My colleagues at the time Chris and Zoe were wonderful partners in crime sharing the rainbow around our workplace.  I will always have fond memories of that day.  Thank you ladies and thank you to our supportive colleagues.


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