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Is your gaydar working? Yes or no?


I border on being proud of what I consider to be my finely tuned gaydar.  I have often claimed to have ‘known’ people were gay before they knew and I stand by those claims.

In the past few days, in the aftermath of Ian Thorpe declaring he was ‘not straight’, there have been a number of articles about possessing or not possessing a gaydar.  Discussion abounds questioning why did people just ‘know’ Ian was gay. Well I actually think most people decided Ian Thorpe was gay due to stereotypes.

I actually think there is a difference between stereotyping and the elusive gaydar.  Many people decided that Ian Thorpe was gay based on a range of stereotypes.  Scientifically who knows whether there is such a thing as a gaydar and really who cares.  Let’s embrace something exclusively ours; I think the gaydar is alive and well in many LGBTI people.

My gaydar kicks into action without conscious thought.  How about you?  Straight or gay do you have a finely tuned gaydar or not?



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