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Media Release – Results of Andrew Laming’s Survey in Bowman Electorate

Media Release
Sunday August 16th 2015
Marriage equality advocates in the Brisbane electorate of Bowman say a survey by local MP, Andrew Laming, was so flawed the result cannot be taken seriously.
Mr Laming’s survey, which found 58% opposition to marriage equality, was only available through the post, not online, with many residents saying they did not receive it.
Local advocate, Adele Fisher said,
“Unlike many of his colleagues, Andrew Laming didn’t make his survey available online, and the paper copy was not received by large swathes of the electorate.”
“We do not accept the results as in any way reflective of the electorate of Bowman, where we believe there is strong support for marriage equality.”
 Australian Marriage Equality deputy director, Ivan Hinton-Teoh, said,
“We encourage MPs to learn from the mistakes of Andrew Laming to ensure all constituents can have their voices heard on marriage equality.”
“We encourage Mr Laming to look to the tried and tested surveys of his Coalition colleagues, such as Natasha Griggs in Solomon and Ann Sudmalis in Gilmore, to make sure everyone can have their say.”

“Given Mr Laming wrote a politician’s guide to social media it’s very disappointing he failed to use the same medium when it comes to seeing what his constituents think about one of the most high profile issues of our time,”
The Liberal Party’s own go-to polling company, Crosby/Textor, found 72% support for marriage equality across Australian in 2014.
Deficiencies in Mr Laming’s survey methodology include
– Only posting hard copies to residents
– Not offering an online, phone, email or photocopy options for residents
– Wide reports that residents failed to receive their postal survey from the MP
– Only two day’s notice to have to attend the electorate office to have one last chance to vote in person
Media contact: Adele Fisher on 0434 757 118 or Ivan Hinton-Teoh on 0419 124 826
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