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Mother’s Day in a house with two mums.

Two-Mamas2-e1336510777888Did you know the largest group of countries around the world celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend the second Sunday of May?  So that means there are hundreds of lesbian mothers celebrating!  Yes, shock horror, in many countries without marriage equality children are part of families where the parents are the same sex regardless of marriage rights.

Mother’s Day in our house is fun and always has been.  From our first Mother’s day we decided that it was never to be an expensive, materialistic event but instead a celebration of the privilege of being a mother and the dedication it takes to be a parent.

At first all gifts had to be hand made.  What fun we had.  Each of us conspiring with the kids to create Mother’s Day magic.  The gifts were wonderful.  Hand prints on canvas was what I was given for the Mother’s Day that each child turned two.  A book of memories and a memento box for Monique another year.  We will sometimes go into that memento box and the kids are so excited to see tiny socks, nappies and other items from their infancy.  Bookmarks, necklaces and other creations were our Mother’s Day in those early years.

Then came daycare and school.  How wonderful it was to have both these places recognise our family having two mothers and helping our children to celebrate both of us.  In daycare whatever the children were making for their mothers the daycare would help our children make two.  We were the first openly gay couple at that daycare in its nearly 20 year history.  They were amazing at incorporating our family make up.

Fast forward a few years to school, our children being so much more independent and we moved to a day each over the Mother’s Day weekend.  One would help the kids pamper the other parent on the Saturday and the other would do the same with the kids on the Sunday.

This year is another milestone.  We still have a day each over the weekend – mine is tomorrow and I am so looking forward to that.  We gave the kids money to buy gifts at the Mother’s Day stall at school and they are organising every meal over the weekend.

The past week has consisted of secret conversations between them both, planning and giggles behind closed doors and while we are so much looking forward to what our weekend will bring, another special memory of these Mother’s Days is to hear our kids being so close and happy.

To all those people who fear for children who have parents of the same gender this is yet another example of you having nothing to worry about and no reason to fear for our children.  They are happy, loved and thriving – have done and always will be.

Are you a lesbian mum?  Share your Mother’s Day celebrations with us…



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