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Open letter to Andrew Laming, Mark Robinson, Don Brown and Redlands Council

270px-Redland_Bay_Passage_with_FerriesDear Andrew Laming, Mark Robinson, Don Brown, Karen Williams and the Redland City Councillors

I am a member of the LGBTIQ community in Redlands City and the Bowman electorate.  Along with some other citizens of Redlands I am looking for your participation in hearing from your constituents on the topic of Marriage Equality.  Andrew you have recently announced that you will include a question on Marriage Equality in your annual survey due to be posted to all households during the end of June and early July.  Andrew recognises that this topic is important to Australia and is willing to vote according to the feedback he receives from this survey if he is given the opportunity of a free vote in parliament.

We strongly believe that the answer to this divisive topic lies in human stories and human connection.  With this in mind we seek your participation and/or attendance at a rally/discussion we hope to hold in Redland City in the coming weeks.  We would like this meeting to be a shared experience reflecting the positive sense of community that we hold so dear in Redland City.

We are not asking you to give your opinion on the topic, we would of course invite your thoughts, however we are hoping that you would be able to find time in your schedules to join us.  As the elected representatives of our electorates we would appreciate you showing us that you are willing to attend this discussion and perhaps even learn more about the life of LGBTIQ people in the Redlands.  We will be contacting each of you to discuss a suitable date.

Thank you and we look forward to your participation with us.




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