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#Parisattacks and the horror in the world


This is not my usual type of blog post however I want to share my thoughts on this topic. 

In light of recent atrocities across the world I have been watching and participating in many posts on Facebook and Twitter to join in the global shock and response.  It is fascinating to see each individuals response to the events and the reaction to the response of others.  Many people have embraced their religious faith and just as many have rejected religious faith or questioned it.  I personally do not believe a god orchestrated these events nor do I believe it is a punishment to the human race or is it any other belief structure which explains why bad things happen.  One quote I have seen and loved is “Terror has no religion”.  Murderers for whatever reason choose to murder people in various places across the globe every day.

How did I reach this personal belief about a god?  It wasn’t until about 6 years ago I felt compelled to spend time evaluating the place, if any, a god had in my life. I committed to reading the bible in full to try and understand more than the few pieces I had previously known. I then read a range of other books Letter to a Christian Nation, Greatest Show on Earth, and many others.  I looked into other religions such as buddhism to see if the type of religion made a difference for me, I investigated intelligent design but found nothing that resonated with me. Despite trying I didn’t make it through the bible either that is a difficult read.

Then I listened to a short audiobook called Letting Go of God. That resonated with me along with the fascinating events of evolution. So being an atheist is what I have chosen for me and is where I find my peace. I know that people find peace in believing in a god or another deity; that too is their choice and I know many find comfort through their god.

I have written this for two reasons part of it was in response to a friend questioning god’s place in these events and her life which got me thinking about my own response and secondly I just think it is worth putting out there to my tribe. 

To my family and friends who have a god and/or a strong religious faith I am truly glad you have that anchor in your life.  <3  What I cannot tolerate though is harm being done to our fellow humans in the name of religion or criminals protected by religious institutions. From terror, to murder for who you love, to raping of women, to child sexual abuse and the list goes on.

I hope everyone is able to find comfort in whatever beliefs are right for you and you have peace.  



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