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Questions, questions and easy answers

My heart was happy yesterday due to an experience that showed how easily children ‘get’ same sex relationships and families with 2 mums or 2 dads.  A beautiful young girl, the child of a friend drew us a lovely picture of Monique and I.  She beautifully hid near her mother trying secretly to ask her mum which one of us was Mama and which one was Mum.  Following this she proudly presented us with the picture which now hangs proudly on our fridge.

Later in the day she was sitting on her mum’s lap and simply asked which one of us had our children.  I explained that Monique gave birth to Baeleigh and me to Caden, I added that their father is lovely man that we haven’t met and won’t meet yet he was so generous he helped us become a family.  Her mum, clearly knowing what was age appropriate and suitable for her child, added her own words to her daughter about the making of our family.

The story ends there, no one uncomfortable, a young child’s questions answered and onto enjoying a suburban Saturday afternoon.  If there is a gay agenda that I subscribe to, that’s it.  Learning and understanding – bridging any gaps.

We will not end discrimination and move to equality without people feeling comfortable to ask questions, answer questions and learn.  As I highlighted in this short post, following the lead of our children seems like a good place to start.





Adele Fisher Copyright 2015

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