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A safe world for our children

A safe world for our children

How do we create and sustain a safe world for our children?  25 years ago Australia signed the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.    What have we done to ensure those rights for our children within the LGBTIQ community?  As a nation we pledged to allow each child to reach their full potential.  Instead we have a current state of over 80% of LGBTIQ children being bullied and abused in the school yard.  This is damaging our children and killing our children.

I am calling out to every individual young or old and in between.  I don’t care about your stance on the Safe School Coalition.  I actually don’t care about your stance on Marriage Equality in the LGBTIQ community.  The one and only thing I care about is your treatment of our LGBTIQ youth and what you role model for your children/gradchildren.  I am going to go as far as saying it is actually the only thing you should also care about relating to this topic.

80% of our kids being harmed is a crisis.  In a school of 500 students with the average number of LGBTIQ children that means there are 13 children who are being irreparably harmed.   Do you endorse this?  I am going to assume not and instead assume that the people who are perpetuating this harm are simply not aware, until now, of the harm being done.  These are real children each and every day.  They could be your child,  your child’s friend or someone you don’t know and will never meet.  I am positive that no loving parent wants to inadvertently put a child at risk.

So how are we doing on that UN Convention?  I’d say we are scoring fairly low on this measure.  What can we do to make a change?

Have you had a conversation with your child about gender and sexuality which encourages them to celebrate diversity?

How do you role model inclusion?

Have you reassured your child that you love them NO MATTER WHAT; regardless of who they love, regardless of their gender expression?

Are you unsure how to do this and what to include?  That is OK.  There are people who can help you.  People who have been there before and have had these conversations with their children.  For a simple and supportive start you could join my Facebook Group We The Village.

We The Village or WTV is there to help adults and youth become aware and be educated.  It is not a political group as it’s focus is solely on the wellbeing of children, their families and the broader community.

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