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Vote yes and talk about your vote in the Same-sex Marriage survey.

Vote yes and talk about your vote in the Same-sex Marriage survey.

Today the High Court of Australia ruled to proceed with the postal survey on Same-Sex Marriage.  Most Australians by now have heard of the postal survey which is open to all Australians on the electoral roll and will take place from September 12 until the results will be delivered on November 15.

The survey is being…Continue Reading

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The world of depression and anxiety as I have experienced

meMay 1998

I went to work one day and didn’t go back for over 3 months.

23 April 2016

I came home from work nearly 6 weeks ago and I haven’t been back.

I have been in a stable relationship with my partner for 18 years and we have two…Continue Reading

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It starts – 5 Tips on a plebiscite in Australia



I’ve been watching and waiting for the division to occur about the proposed plebiscite by our current PM Malcolm Turnbull.  Originally proposed by Tony Abbott when he was Prime Minister it seems to be an agreement that Mr Turnbull has now agreed to run…Continue Reading

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Waiting and reflecting

Tonight many of us across Australia are waiting in anticipation while our Coalition government debates whether or not they will allow a free vote in the party room regarding Marriage Equality.  At this stage they have been debating the topic for the past 5 hours and we can but speculate what conversations are occurring.

While we…Continue Reading

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Actions or words? Both matter right now! Part 2 – actions. 9 easy steps you can take.



I often wonder what drives people to action?  For me action seems to come naturally – I can’t help but act, however I’m sure I don’t act on topics that do not impact on me personally.  Logically it seems to me that if it is important…Continue Reading

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Change your language!


I have a request for you, anyone who is reading this, please stop using the phrases “Gay Marriage” or “Same-sex Marriage”.  Around the world Marriage Equality is occurring.  I am not asking for Gay Marriage or Same-sex Marriage; we are not asking for a different definition…Continue Reading

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Peter Dowling, Australian Christian Lobby and LNP



PeterDowling – media release


The links in this post include a media release from 2013 when Peter Dowling’s indiscretions were first revealed and an article I wrote in 2012 about the ACL event.

As a resident of the Redlands I’ve known of Peter…Continue Reading

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