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Waiting and reflecting

Tonight many of us across Australia are waiting in anticipation while our Coalition government debates whether or not they will allow a free vote in the party room regarding Marriage Equality.  At this stage they have been debating the topic for the past 5 hours and we can but speculate what conversations are occurring.

While we…Continue Reading

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Open letter to Andrew Laming, Mark Robinson, Don Brown and Redlands Council

270px-Redland_Bay_Passage_with_FerriesDear Andrew Laming, Mark Robinson, Don Brown, Karen Williams and the Redland City Councillors

I am a member of the LGBTIQ community in Redlands City and the Bowman electorate.  Along with some other citizens of Redlands I am looking for your participation in hearing from your constituents…Continue Reading

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Peter Dowling, Australian Christian Lobby and LNP



PeterDowling – media release


The links in this post include a media release from 2013 when Peter Dowling’s indiscretions were first revealed and an article I wrote in 2012 about the ACL event.

As a resident of the Redlands I’ve known of Peter…Continue Reading

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