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6 Differences if Marriage Equality existed in Australia in the year 2000?

6 Differences if Marriage Equality existed in Australia in the year 2000?

We may get Marriage Equality in 2016, 2017 or later in Australia. However what would be different if we had marriage equality back in 2000; the year Monique and I had our Commitment Ceremony?
1. We would be celebrating 16 years of marriage this year.
2. We would automatically be considered Next of Kin for…Continue Reading

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Waiting and reflecting

Tonight many of us across Australia are waiting in anticipation while our Coalition government debates whether or not they will allow a free vote in the party room regarding Marriage Equality.  At this stage they have been debating the topic for the past 5 hours and we can but speculate what conversations are occurring.

While we…Continue Reading

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Change your language!


I have a request for you, anyone who is reading this, please stop using the phrases “Gay Marriage” or “Same-sex Marriage”.  Around the world Marriage Equality is occurring.  I am not asking for Gay Marriage or Same-sex Marriage; we are not asking for a different definition…Continue Reading

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The Irish Have It


Along with thousands of others across the world I want to share my thoughts and feelings on the referendum for marriage equality in Ireland over the weekend and what it means to Australia.  I am ecstatic with such an amazingly positive outcome in favour of marriage…Continue Reading

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Australia’s 10th Anniversary of Discrimination

This week marks an unfortunate anniversary representing discrimination in Australia.  On August 13 it will be 10 years since the Marriage Amendment Act 2004 occurred.  The amendment to the act reads as follows;

“to: define marriage as a union of a man and a woman; and…Continue Reading

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Tony Abbott, Orlando Burcham and The Marriage Act 1961



A wonderful young man, Orlando Burcham 11 y/o, has recently written to Prime Minister Tony Abbott expressing his concerns about the current government position on Marriage Equality.  Read Orlando’s great letter here and the response from our Prime Minister.


Orlando’s letter…Continue Reading

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