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A safe world for our children

A safe world for our children

How do we create and sustain a safe world for our children?  25 years ago Australia signed the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.    What have we done to ensure those rights for our children within the LGBTIQ community?  As a nation we pledged to allow each child to reach their full…Continue Reading

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How to educate and support youth on LGBTIQ topics without alienating parents?

How to educate and support youth on LGBTIQ topics without alienating parents?



It continues to become more difficult to provide sensitive and age appropriate education and support to LGBTIQ youth and their peers within the school environment.  The reason for this is the mere suggestion of this education alienates a significant number of parents and interested community members. It causes an unnecessary hysteria.  A post I read…Continue Reading

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It starts – 5 Tips on a plebiscite in Australia



I’ve been watching and waiting for the division to occur about the proposed plebiscite by our current PM Malcolm Turnbull.  Originally proposed by Tony Abbott when he was Prime Minister it seems to be an agreement that Mr Turnbull has now agreed to run…Continue Reading

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How important are our pre-teens and tweens?

I want to tell you what I have realised.  I’ve realised that our pre-teens, tweens and their parents have little information to help them when it comes to being LGBTIQ+ and this is impacting on the mental health of adults.  This is not due to a lack of desire to help by all the wonderful…Continue Reading

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What’s in a Word; how to make communication a little easier?

“Because even the smallest of words can be the ones to hurt you, or save you.” – Natsuki Takaya

This quote says a lot more than its mere 16 words. It truly can be as simple as one word spoken by a person to you that can be completely benign or even funny, the same word…Continue Reading

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Mother’s Day in a house with two mums.

Two-Mamas2-e1336510777888Did you know the largest group of countries around the world celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend the second Sunday of May?  So that means there are hundreds of lesbian mothers celebrating!  Yes, shock horror, in many countries without marriage equality children are part of families where…Continue Reading

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Questions, questions and easy answers

My heart was happy yesterday due to an experience that showed how easily children ‘get’ same sex relationships and families with 2 mums or 2 dads.  A beautiful young girl, the child of a friend drew us a lovely picture of Monique and I.  She beautifully hid near her mother trying secretly to ask her…Continue Reading

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10 things you might want to ask same-sex parents.

Do you have a list of questions?  If you felt no shame, embarrassment or hesitation in asking questions of same-sex parents what would they be?  Add them to the comment section.  Don’t be shy.As a same-sex parent here are the questions that I think people may like to ask; well to be…Continue Reading
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To tell or not to tell?

So here we are on April 1.  I’ve managed so far to not be April Fooled but then I’ve barely left the house.  I hope you are all just as lucky or have had a good laugh.

Where has the time gone since my last post?  Family life hey?

More food for thought for my book.  Our…Continue Reading

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Back to school

So now it’s time to head back to school for the new school year. One in grade 3 and one in grade 5. The school knows us well by now and generally speaking there haven’t been any issues. Both kids have faced the firm retort from a school peer saying there…Continue Reading
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