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“Children, There is No Such Thing as Other Peoples”

“Children, There is No Such Thing as Other Peoples”


I saw a sentence yesterday that has stuck with me.  “There is No Such Thing as Other People’s Children”  Since then these words have been coming to my mind.  These words resonate deeply and I like them.  “No such thing as other people’s children” means to me that it is incumbent on all of us…Continue Reading

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How to educate and support youth on LGBTIQ topics without alienating parents?

How to educate and support youth on LGBTIQ topics without alienating parents?



It continues to become more difficult to provide sensitive and age appropriate education and support to LGBTIQ youth and their peers within the school environment.  The reason for this is the mere suggestion of this education alienates a significant number of parents and interested community members. It causes an unnecessary hysteria.  A post I read…Continue Reading

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Where ITAV and my Parenting Meet – Guest Blogger Tania



I’d like to introduce my first ever guest blogger. (Cheers and applause as the crowd goes wild!!) Tania generously offered her time and thoughts on It Takes a Village and what it means to her.

When I first spoke to Tania about ITAV it was…Continue Reading

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It starts – 5 Tips on a plebiscite in Australia



I’ve been watching and waiting for the division to occur about the proposed plebiscite by our current PM Malcolm Turnbull.  Originally proposed by Tony Abbott when he was Prime Minister it seems to be an agreement that Mr Turnbull has now agreed to run…Continue Reading

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Adjusting sails

“When you can’t change the direction of the wind – adjust your sails.” H Jackson Brown Jnr.

It’s unlikely that you have missed that Marriage Equality has been high profile in Australia during the past week.  I continue to watch two sides of the debate so diametrically opposed that I question if either is actually hearing…Continue Reading

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Waiting and reflecting

Tonight many of us across Australia are waiting in anticipation while our Coalition government debates whether or not they will allow a free vote in the party room regarding Marriage Equality.  At this stage they have been debating the topic for the past 5 hours and we can but speculate what conversations are occurring.

While we…Continue Reading

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Mother’s Day in a house with two mums.

Two-Mamas2-e1336510777888Did you know the largest group of countries around the world celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend the second Sunday of May?  So that means there are hundreds of lesbian mothers celebrating!  Yes, shock horror, in many countries without marriage equality children are part of families where…Continue Reading

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Questions, questions and easy answers

My heart was happy yesterday due to an experience that showed how easily children ‘get’ same sex relationships and families with 2 mums or 2 dads.  A beautiful young girl, the child of a friend drew us a lovely picture of Monique and I.  She beautifully hid near her mother trying secretly to ask her…Continue Reading

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Have you ever thought of whether or not to hold your partner’s hand in public?


I’m not talking about ‘get a room’ style public displays of affection that most of us would be happy to agree is uncomfortable for everyone except those writhing in the grips of passion.  I’m talking about holding hands, a quick kiss on…Continue Reading

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6 of the best questions to answer!

A friend of mine shared this video by Wayne Goss, the make up artist, with me.  I loved it and decided to take the questions from it and answer them myself.  In some areas I agree with the guy in the video and others not so much.  I’d love others to answer these questions also.

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