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How important are our pre-teens and tweens?

I want to tell you what I have realised.  I’ve realised that our pre-teens, tweens and their parents have little information to help them when it comes to being LGBTIQ+ and this is impacting on the mental health of adults.  This is not due to a lack of desire to help by all the wonderful…Continue Reading

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45 Years of Love



There is a couple I know, it has been through wonderful fate and chance I had the utter pleasure of meeting them on social media, this couple are celebrating 45 years together.  I have no idea what these men have experienced in their lives but I’ve…Continue Reading

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Why the Special Occasions and Celebrations? Part 1


The first Pride Rally and March I attended was both life changing and life affirming.  I will never forget the overwhelming sense of inclusion and belonging.  To arrive at a park in central Brisbane surrounded by hundreds of LGBTI people and their straight allies…Continue Reading

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