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The decision is made for now

Breaking news!  After a marathon sitting the coalition party room has decided not to allow a free vote on Marriage Equality.

I cannot describe how deeply this hurts.  I am numb.  Why is our fate at the hands of a room of people who have not even spoken to us.  Correction, they have heard from us but dismissed our position, our existence.  We watch the world making changes yet we remain still and unmoving.  I appreciate that many people don’t recognise how much of an impact a decision like this makes so I invite you to ask me and ask those people that you know.  Tonight I have cried for me.  I have cried for my partner.  I have cried for my children. We are a loving family.  Yet we are portrayed as being unfit as parents and unfit to be married.  Why, when there are so many terrible events in our world, is love between two consenting adults a matter for debate and refusal?  When there are children in terrible domestic situations are we considered unfit to parent?  Please answer these questions.


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