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To be in the mainstream if only for a day!

The most memorable day since I started living openly as a lesbian was the first day I ever went to a Pride rally, march and fair day.

Until only a few short years before this I had spent my life living as part of the mainstream or the majority, depending on how you like to put it, I had lived a fully heterosexual life.  What I didn’t realise then was how easy it is to be a member of the majority.  Conversations, interactions and the full experience is simple and expected.  I think ‘expected’ is the key word here.  General society, through absolutely no fault, subconsciously expect the people they meet, know and love to be heterosexual.  As a parent most people expect their children to partner with someone of the opposite gender.  When someone says they are getting married the expectation is that the marriage is to someone of the opposite gender.  When you talk about your partner to acquaintances most will expect you are speaking of someone of the opposite gender.   In many cases these assumptions are correct however not all the time and this is the area that I am interested in talking about.

Let’s go back to my first Pride day.  I remember arriving in a park in Brisbane and 99.9% of the people were LGBTIQ.  I looked around and saw female couples, male couples and everyone in between.  I don’t actually know if I can adequately explain to you how this felt unless you have experienced it yourself.  If you have please feel free to share in comments.  For anyone who identifies as straight or has never been in a place where they are the majority please read this and then close your eyes and imagine. Imagine that you have spent your life or a period of your life surrounded by those who are not in your tribe; you have been in the minority.

Now imagine…….

You are surrounded by people exactly like you, couples like you and your partner if you are in a relationship.  Families just like yours.  When you look around, you are not the minority; what you see is a reflection of you.  Even on a subliminal level completely impossible to explain you “know” you are with your tribe.  You see celebration and love wherever you turn.  Celebration and love that aligns with you and your authentic self.

This feeling for me was so surreal.

If you love someone who is LGBTIQ perhaps this is a discussion you might like to have with them – open the doors to conversation.



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